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Supermom vs Super Mom

Supermom vs Super Mom [PDF]

You can be a Super Mom, but I don’t know anyone who can live up to the caricature of being “Supermom." But if you're like a lot of other moms, you feel like you’re supposed to live up to some crazy, dreamworld, media-based character that might as well be wearing a cape! Well, it’s time to burst that bubble and bring the world’s expectations into reality again. You just can’t be everything to everyone, but you can make the mommy side of your life a lot simpler, more organized, and with enough margin to make people wonder if you do have superpowers! In Super Mom vs Supermom: Simplicity Tips for Busy Moms, Vanessa Hayes, Certified Professional Organizer® and co-host of the Simple Life Together show, shares real-life strategies for busy mothers in a simple life mom’s guide to getting organized and tapping into the power of simplicity from a mom’s perspective. Plus, this book is packed with extras! You get:

Free access to over 50 hours of audio content to help you:
• Learn how to simplify and organize your life
• Tips for simplicity parenting
• Establishing routines to simplify your bedtime, morning, lunch meals, and more!
• Tap into technology to help you get organized
• Get highly productive with tips from a Certified Professional Organizer®
• Finally get your home organized and clutter-free
• Build margin in your life by decluttering your “stuff” and your schedule

Free access to targeted “How To” videos that will help you:
• Fine tune your home organization
• Organize your kids’ keepsakes, school papers, and art
• Get your paper documents organized and paper clutter under control
• Organize any space

About Simple Life Guides
This is the first in a series of “Simple Life Guides for Less Than a Latte” and others will be coming along soon. Vanessa and her co-author (in writing and in life) Daniel Hayes, write these guides with two distinct things in mind: 1) we know you’re busy, and 2) you don’t have time to read a long, boring “textbook”. If you’re looking for one of those “grab a blanket and curl up” for nice long reading session…well, this ain’t it! The goal of Simple Life Guides is to give you all the tools you need to kickstart your simple life into high gear right now! Simple Life Guides are short-form, easy reads, packed with tips, and just what you need to turn information into inspiration and action! You’re a Mom and don’t have all day to read, right? This simple mom’s guide is a powerhouse of simplicity tips, routines, and home organization secrets that’ll help you find margin in your busy life and make it look like you DO have mom superpowers!
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