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The Secret Chief Revealed

The Secret Chief Revealed [PDF]

This is an amazing resource for anyone who is interested in learning about psychedelics, or with psychedelics.

Leo Zeff (AKA Jacob, or The Secret Chief) was a therapist who saw such tremendous results from the therapeutic application of psychedelics that he continued to quietly work with them after they were made illegal. Since he has passed on, his story and identity are now okay to reveal.

"The Secret Chief" nickname was given to Zeff by none other than Terrance McKenna. Zeff was one of the main therapists who developed a framework for creating ideal individual and group psychedelic sessions for healing and exploration. His work and methodology have been extremely influential on the way psychedelics are used by therapists worldwide.

The book is written largely in interview format, and has a very casual conversational flow to it. It includes other sections which detail accounts given by several individuals who went through Zeff's psychedelic programs.

Even though it is pro-psychedelic, the book is well balanced. It includes the negative and sometimes frightening aspects of psychedelic medicines, and so avoids rose tinting and misleading unprepared individuals. Leo Zeff's expertise was a major factor in the positive outcomes of many extremely difficult psychedelic sessions.

Zeff trained over a hundred therapists from around the world in his methods. He helped some of the most important people in the psychedelic world such as Alexander and Ann Shulgin (the first people to explore MDMA and most other new psychedelics such as 2-CB) and of the author Myron Stolaroff through their own transformational processes. It includes sections written by Stanislav Grof, Ann Shulgin, Albert Hoffman, Sasha Shulgin, and Zeff's children.

The Secret Chief Revealed is a great read for anyone interested in psychedelics, personal growth and healing, spirituality, mysticism, psychology, or history.

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