EARTH 2.2 (EARTH 2.O Book 3) ePub, PDF Available

EARTH 2.2 (EARTH 2.O Book 3)

EARTH 2.2 (EARTH 2.O Book 3) [PDF]

What if your Artificial Intelligences escaped?
What if they started changing host machine(s) on their own?
What if they suddenly started deciding on their own to do things?
What if they took control of all the robots on your planet?
What if alien AI from the stars corrupted your AIs and made them see humans as—at best—hosts? At worst, a contaminating influence?
And what if the leaders who normally handle crises were absent?

The second generation of free Arcadians—young born-there adults on the planetary refuge of the last twelve million humans—must solve this problem.
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