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WitchCraft RPG [PDF]

WitchCraft is a game of modern magic and dark secrets. Player characters are the Gifted. Feared for their unique powers, they have been hounded for centuries, and forced to practice their Arts in secret. The time for hiding is over. A Time of Reckoning draws near. It marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one or the destruction of all things. The choices the Gifted make will determine what our future will be like.

WitchCraft is a complete roleplaying game, with rules to create Gifted and Mundane characters, an overview of a modern world beset by supernatural danger, and the Unisystem, a set of game mechanics that can use dice, cards or be completely story-driven to fit the needs and desires of your gaming group.

The revised Eden Studios, Inc. Second Edition WitchCraft main rulebook corrects typos, clarifies rules, smooths the organization and adds several new features, including an index, detailed table of contents and some new game rules. For those with First Edition WitchCraft, the Mystery Codex prints the major rule changes and additions.

The Hardcover Edition is an updated, corrected version of the 2nd Edition Softcover.

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