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Back to the Past

Back to the Past [PDF]

The blurb sold me immediately because I love the idea of a historical reality TV show, but my problem is that there wasn't enough of the show in it. We didn't get to see them struggle with some of the things reality-TV people struggle with (like discover how to do this and that). This book had potential to be so much longer with SO much more conflict. I would have liked to see them get caught by one of their co-stars, and possibly even run into a dilemma to try to shut her/him up. Maybe even some close calls with the TV crew, but there really wasn't any conflict at all. Their time on the show was fast-forwarded by narrative and we never learned how Noah did in his running the estate and how it went with trading his goods for other things, etc. It was also too fluffy for my taste with a lot of repetitions of lines, thoughts, and such.

It started well though and the writing is good.

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