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The Amazon synopsis does this book no favours - it makes it sound like a pot-boiler murder mystery, and this book was so much better than that. If I say "it wasn't really my kind of book" I don't want that to put anyone off - I just don't usually read thrillers.This is a really dark psychological thriller, with a thoroughly unlikeable heroine (as are most of the other characters), a really unusual story line (with a liberal helping of descriptions of sex, alcohol abuse, mental illness and violence), and twists and turns that turn your expectations on their head. I didn't "enjoy" it as such, but as a piece of work I really appreciated it greatly and would really like to read some more of her work.I hope I'm not doing either author a dis-service if I say it reminded me a lot of Louise Welsh's The Cutting Room - not for the story, but for the originality and darkness of its style.
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