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A Not So New World

A Not So New World [PDF]

All Jack wanted was to leave his mark on the world. But with a self serving, former Professor having him charged with a crime he did not commit, hope was dwindling. Jack's one chance was Agent Milano, an FBI agent open to his innocence. Her decision gave Jack the opening he needed to escape, although both will soon wish he just stayed in jail.

After a hectic jump in his cat time machine thrusts the pair into the unknown world of Chutar, Jack and Agent Milano quickly learn all they have is each other. As they are on the run from the Defense Force, are manipulated by The Middle and are disgusted by the P.A.T. and all each stand for.

An act of serendipity brought them together, while multiple forces continue to try and tear them apart. Jack and Agent Milano embark on the adventure of a lifetime, whether they like it or not, with one goal in mind, to get back home. That is if they can first figure out where or when they are.
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