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YouTube Strategies 2014

YouTube Strategies 2014 [PDF]

When the original version of YouTube Strategies went to #1 at Amazon, and continued to sell impressive numbers (and) to great reviews, I knew this book had her part in the marketplace and dialog. To my past readers and supporters, I can’t thank you enough.

Why the update for 2014? We’re seeing a rapid maturation at YouTube in areas that should be part of any YouTube Strategy - at any level. Some of these elements weren’t in the first book. They are in this one. In my history of producing Internet training (I’ve been online since before there was the Web), I’ve prided myself on creating content that lasted. Last year I made 4 different videos in the studio that I had to delete before I could publish them because of the changes being made a YouTube.

Live Video isn’t the only “new” thing for YouTube. From a fully integrated Social Engine (across Google Plus and the other social networks) to Premium (paid) content options, YouTube’s reach, and your potential impact with it, grows every day. YouTube keeps getting bigger and bigger - and her reach and impact continue to grow at an extremely impressive rate.

At the time of writing, YouTube reports seeing 100 hours of video uploaded to their site every single minute. I’m sure by the time this book goes to press, the number will go up. Note: this doesn’t include Live video on YouTube - another fast growing segment of what we’re watching online. Getting impact from your videos at YouTube is a much math problem as it is anything else. We address some of those issues here.

So, with that, I (re)release this book updated for 2014. At it’s core are the top 21 questions I get asked about YouTube (as well as a few that people should be asking). I am still asked these questions on a regular basis and I am still convinced that YouTube Strategies begin with a clear understanding of how YOU need to answer these questions in your own YouTube efforts. At the end of each answer is an even shorter summary and a few action items. Put them to good use - and TAKE ACTION.

After those 21 questions and answers, I offer some additional thoughts about what’s “next” at YouTube and offer a few additional chapters on the topics of automated tools for YouTube and how to produce the best possible looking videos - no matter what your budget may be.
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