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High School Confidential [PDF]

This outrageously entertaining exposé chronicles the true adventures of Jeremy Iversen, a 24-year-old investment banker who passed himself off as a second-semester senior transfer student at Mirador High in southern California. Inspired by every John Hughes movie he had ever seen, Iversen set out in search of the suburban school experience his privileged Exeter education had denied him. But what he found at Mirador was less iPretty in Pink/i than iFast Times at Ridgemont High/i. Immersed in a confusing culture of sexual permissiveness, religious fundamentalism, rampant recreational drug use, and academic apathy, the author bluffed his way from cliques and classes to parties and pep rallies all the way to graduation — his real identity known only to school administrators. We give iHigh School Confidential/i a resounding A+ for its irresistible smarty-pants tone and its surprising revelations about students and teachers alike.
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