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3 By Flannery O'Connor [PDF]

Sure, I'd read many of her short stories, back in the day...
Picked this up, for the price of a cheap paperback, a chance to re-read them and her two novels as well, nice!
Well, guess what?I overdosed on the words of Our Lady of Southern Letters!
I was initially disappointed by Wise Blood, got perked up a bit by the story collection, and finally thoroughly turned off by The Violent Bear it Away.
The stories are fine (though not always as impressive as I'd remembered) and the two novels were, to my unilluminated mind, relentlessly driven by Mizz Flannery's homily-laden agenda. In other words, 'twas a chore to read them.
I'm thinking:
Wise Blood: 2 stars
A Good Man...: 4 or even 4.5 stars
The Violent Bear it Away 1 puny little star, if that.
Don't know if that evens out to 3 stars, but let's say it does.Everyone more or less agrees on the quality of the stories, but I'll probably cogitate a bit before I come up with a couple of reviews on why I disliked the 2 novels.
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