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Contemporary American Photographic Works

Contemporary American Photographic Works [PDF]

It's always strange to add a "date finished" by a book (especially for books of photos or poems). It has always made more sense to me to indicate the date started, which is what I add in the front of my books. None of which is specific to the existence of this book. But this book does exists and it has some photos worth looking at. The strange thing I realized while looking, though, is that when a person takes a photograph, you think about it being a singular image to look at. At least if you deem it worth framing or showing and considering as art. A photograph, more so than any other medium, is a snapshot that holds one place in time: the place of you looking and seeing it. But the way we experience photos is in a series, either in a show or flipping through a book. So while the singularity and success of a photo like Nicholas Nixon's "Revere, Massachusetts" is substantial, when it is seen as part of a larger selection of photos, it becomes almost dismissable. Same with his "Outside Utica, New York" or any of the selections from John R. Gossage's "Gardens". These are images made to be lived with one at a time. They are singular. They hold everything you need to know. But they are lost amid a stream of other photographs.

I'm thankful for this book for turning me on to the work of Jan Groover and Ralph Gibson

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