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Leather for Two

Leather for Two [PDF]

Brotherhood or love. Blaze can’t have both.

Rena Rose belongs to Diesel, the leader of the Wings of Steel Motorcycle Club. However, her heart secretly belongs to Blaze Donavon, Diesel’s right hand man and friend.

One night, when boundaries slip, Blaze professes his feelings to Rena in a heated moment of passion. They break the rules of the club, and what is so wrong feels so right. They both realize there is little hope for them being together. Blaze lives and breathes MC. And Rena wants out.

Diesel can’t keep his fly zipped, and when Blaze finds his friend with another woman, all hell breaks loose and Blaze’s secret love for Rena is exposed in a violent twist of fate. Diesel is dangerous and Blaze would do anything to keep Rena safe, even if staying away from her is the only way.

Now, three years after leaving the club, Rena is working as a first grade teacher and life is stable, comfortable, exactly how she wants to keep it.

But her life is about to be thrown a curve ball.

Blaze shows up at her door with horrific news…Diesel is dead—murdered in cold blood. But bad news isn’t the only thing on Blaze’s mind. Feelings resurface as they face evil. Is the real enemy an outsider, or an internal tug of war within Rena?

Thrown into a web of lies and deceit, Rena and Blaze scramble to find the secret to Diesel’s murder. With Agent Peterson of the Federal A.T.F. breathing down their necks, the pressure continues to rise, as well as the heat between Rena and Blaze.

The only problem…. who else is watching them? And will Blaze make the right choice—brotherhood or love?
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