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Noli is in love with the new boy in town, TJ.They meet in English class on the first day of school and are immediately inseparable.Noli has a difficult family life and TJ makes her want to be a better person – to stop drinking, stop fighting with her parents and just be happier in general.TJ has had a difficult past as well, but he doesn’t reveal much of it other than to say that he’s finished with certain self destructive behaviors now.Although Noli is incredibly attracted to TJ there are all sorts of signs that he doesn’t feel the same way about her – she’s a close friend, but he doesn’t desire her.Things fall apart when Noli’s parents go away for the weekend and Noli tries to seduce TJ.She accuses him of being gay, and she’s right.TJ admits it.They have a huge horrible fight and both are miserable afterward, but Noli is determined to keep TJ away from her.

She eventually comes to terms with him being gay, and gets involved in Alcoholics Anonymous when her drinking gets out of control.The group helps her get some perspective on her own life and cope with her problems.TJ makes several attempts to re-friend Noli, but she’s pretty adamant that she wants nothing to do with him.It ends a bit unevenly – Noli and TJ meet up and Noli tells him that they can’t be friends ever because she still loves him.Noli does eventually come to a better understanding of what it means to be gay, though – initially she thinks it’s some kind of choice that TJ’s made, but she discovers that it’s just the way that he was born.

The storyline is a bit obvious – hopefully kids today are more comfortable and accustomed to talking about homosexuality and they’ll see this *surprise* coming from the get go.But if they aren’t and they don’t, the book does paint a more positive picture of what it means to gay.It is, however, a pretty short treatment, and there are many other books that do a better job of talking about it and teasing out the different perspectives.Still, for an introduction and a place to start (and a short fast read), this one isn’t so bad.
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