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The Vostok Juncture

The Vostok Juncture [PDF]

No sooner does Sinclair put his brutal plan into action that things start falling apart. Isolated from everyone in the coldest place on earth, the Vostok station scientist and engineers fall apart as a disguised assassin begins to kill them one by one, while an unknown saboteur prepares the destruction of the station.

An expedition into Lake Vostok becomes a desperate attempt to escape back to the surface, when ancient bacteria begins to feed on the submarine and the people inside. Up above, a polar cyclone rages, keeping everyone cooped up inside, the assassin still among them. Panic sets in as the reality of their situation hits home. No one will get out of this alive.

Only one man, John Weaver, has a chance. Unfortunately, even if he does reach the surface, the saboteur is still out there and Lake Vostok is still coming.

The Vostok Juncture is a bobsled run of a story, hurtling headlong to an unstoppable collision, as several paths accelerate towards each together. Filled with claustrophibic scenes, intense danger, and deadly action, the Vostok Juncture is what happens when man and nature collide.

Nature always wins.
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