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The Eternal Chronicles

The Eternal Chronicles [PDF]

The ultimate sacrifice by their Great King gives the Thycian people a chance to fight back against the evil darkness threatening to envelop the empire. Linked to the people forever by the blood of a king the Eternals will now defend the Thycian people for all of eternity. Their legend would grow among those who would threaten the descendants of the Thycian people and the innocents who are now a part of their lives. This is their story.

Allie is an Eternal, guardian of the Thycian people and their descendants. Destined to never grow old and blessed with the power of an ancient people, she fights for those who cannot. Now someone has killed her friend and she is determined to bring the killer to justice but it becomes obvious that the killer is much more than she bargained for. He is a Night Stalker. It turns out the Stalker is just a puppet and someone or something very powerful is pulling his strings. That someone has an agenda and Allie has to find out what it is, stop a killer before he strikes again, and deal with feelings she hasn’t had in a very long time. It isn’t long before she is in the fight of her life and it will take all of her experience and power to survive.
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