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Winning Chess Piece by Piece

Winning Chess Piece by Piece [PDF]

Introduce children to chess fun and strategy with this original, witty way of teaching the game's rules, techniques, and tactics. Hundreds of diagrams take them through each step of tactics such as a "discovered check" and game variations such as "mating races." They'll see how well they score on "the knight's advanced driving test, " in which the white knight takes all the pawns on both sides of the board in the fewest possible moves. Other fully outlined plays focus on the Knight's Forks, the Bishop versus the Knight, and the Queen. And while kids are learning to play and improving their game, fascinating side stories will show them how chess skills can be applied to real-life situations and introduce them to luminaries like Judith Polgar, who became a grandmaster at age 15. Throughout, rate yourself with brief quizzes—and at the end give yourself a checkmate certificate to cap it off! 128 pages, 315 b/w illus., 8 x 10.
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