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Tumford the Terrible is a lovely book by Nancy Tillman with a brilliant message about the importance of saying sorry and meaning it (something which my current reception class have terrible trouble with!).

Tumford is not really a truly terrible cat, but he is always getting into trouble; he knocks things off the table with his paws, spills fish on the village fair Queen and causing mischief at a dinner party (mainly because of his love for food!). It is not the trouble he gets into though which upsets his owners (they will love him no matter what!). The reason they are sad is because Tumford cannot say sorry!! Instead, he runs away and hides instead.

One day, Tumford decides to try and say the word "sorry" and to his delight he finds that it goes down very well, his 'humans' are really pleased with him and so is everyone in the town! Once he says sorry once, Tumford realises that his life because much easier, so he resigns to say it every single time!

The illustrations throughout the book are fantastic, Tumford has a brilliant "I'm not apologizing!" face, and all the images are large and colourful. The text is written in lilting rhyme which gives it a great rhythm that children love.

Recommended for anyone who has a class anything like mine!
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