The Marshland Mystery (Trixie Belden, #10) ePub, PDF Available

The Marshland Mystery (Trixie Belden, #10)

The Marshland Mystery (Trixie Belden, #10) [PDF]

Okay so the description of this book is misleading, the story has little to nothing to do with looking for gold.

Honey's cousin Gaye a young violin prodigy is staying with the Wheelers with her Aunt Della while preparing for a concert. The child seems spoiled and obnoxious and runs away from her aunt causing a big to do. She hides out at old Rachel Martin's and this leads to a nosy and unscrupulous reporter printing a nasty story about Mrs. Martin that ends up having the city decide it's time she's put into a home. Trixie and the Bobwhites work together to try and find a way to solve Mrs. Martin's problems and help little overworked Gaye. Also Trixie and Honey are working on a project collecting herbs for their botany teacher. There's not a lot of mystery in this story but it was entertaining nonetheless. However Trixie without a mystery to solve is kind of like peanut butter and no jelly sandwich. They could have played up the pirate gold angle a little more.
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