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The Girl on the Stairs

The Girl on the Stairs [PDF]

I was generating a few conflicting thoughts in my mind whilst reading this book.Here is another Kennedy conspiracy exposition story.Another college kid troubled by the slaying of a president, and the doubts raised by another presidents commission report.Nothing wrong with that as David Lifton and others have shown.What posed problems for me was the gestatory nature Barry Ernest has brought with his 'The Girl on the Stairs-My search for a missing witness to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.'Described on the book cover as having a background as an investigative journalist, Mr Ernest has taken 35 years to track down his subject and over forty years to bring this project to publication in 2010.
I'm an Englishman who remembers where he was etc the day JFK was shot.Almost fifty years on and the subject is still fascinating and perplexing.My book shelf on the subject continues to grow.
If the reader is a 'critic' or confirmed in LHO's guilt, there is no denying that the facts in this 'crime of the century' are seen through a glass darkly.It was sloppy and careless back in November 63 and that legacy remains, and without doubt the cause of the ever growing and steady supply of books on the 'big event' in Dallas five decades back.
Ernest's search for his missing witness, Victoria Adams, an office worker in the Texas School Book building on that fateful day meanders through the years.A journey that brings him into contact with paranoid researchers and paranoid witnesses.He links research with Harold Weisberg, Penn Jones, Vincent Salandria and even David Lifton.He interviews witnesses like Sam Holland and Roger Craig.Perhaps it's just my own automatic scepticism in weighing information both for and against, but by the time this book is published, most of these people are dead.Victoria Adams herself passed away in 2007.Also much of the detective work has been covered before.There is the odd piece of information that raised my eyebrows, such as the testimony from one Mrs Higgins who was positive the Tippit murder happened at precisely 1:06.No doubt she is now dead.
To sum up...Victoria Adams provided testimony to the Warren Commission, that she was on the only set of stairs in the T.S.B.D. bldg as soon as the gun shots had finished, proving that LHO could not have travelled from the 6th floor snipers nest to the 2nd floor lunch room, where he was seen by Truly and Baker.There are 370 pages, 586 notes and over forty years of research to expose the fabricated evidence and the agenda set against the lone nut assassin.
Members of the jury, have you reached your decision in this case?

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