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The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment [PDF]

I had read David Barton's 'Original Intent' sometime ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had picked this up because the arguments for/against 'gun rights' seemingly get lost on the argument of the 'gun' without delving into what the 2nd Amendment really encapsulates.

It is the logical extenion of our Declaration of Indepdence's - "Life, Liberty & pursuit of happieness. For, if you are unable to protect your life and liberty, how then are you to pursue happiness?

This is what you will realize more from this quick read.

In retrospect, this is more of a pamphlet in the spirit of Thomas Paine.

You will not come across a better researcher than David Barton. His writing style - barrage after barrage of quotes, commentaries and discussions - is quick and concise. Non-lawyers beware, I enjoy it for it is less on editorializing than it is submitting an irrefutable position based upon the underlying barrages.


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