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Laboring Well [PDF]

Many things have changed in society, but one thing will never change: having a baby is one of the most significant events in the life of a woman. It’s a day that touches her life forever. As the day approaches, you probably have many thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams swirling in your heart. If you’re still sorting through them all, this is the book for you.
No one understands the joys and challenges that women face during childbirth like the nurses who care for them each and every day. With refreshing candor and warm humor, Elizabeth Allen shares stories and insights from 20 years of caring for women and their babies as they journey through birth. She offers a unique, intimate, insider’s perspective, answering questions like:
• How will I know when I’m in labor?
• What pain management options will be available to me?
• Am I a good candidate for natural labor?
• Is out-of-hospital birth right for me?
• What should I do if things don’t go exactly as I hoped?

Laboring Well offers you everything you need to know as you look forward to your special day. Many women want to know if there are things that they can do to help the process go well, and Elizabeth focuses on just this thing. She shares ideas for preparing not only your body for labor, but more importantly, your mind. Laboring Well is written uniquely for first-time moms, but all moms will find valuable insights and important truths.
Elizabeth Allen helps you understand what labor is and what to expect as you journey through the process. With honesty and sensitivity, she seeks to remove any fears that may be lurking in your heart. She shares secrets that will help you manage the challenges and cope with the uncertainties. She offers helpful information about pain management options that will help you prepare for the road ahead. She discusses the pros and cons of different strategies, ranging from alternative therapies to epidural anesthesia. She also offers essential insights for those who hope to accomplish a natural, un-medicated birth.
Elizabeth discusses how each labor is different and explains why it's important for you to resist the temptation to compare yourself to others. She talks about the things that you can control and, more importantly, what to do about those things that you can’t control. She shares how expectations can lead to a more challenging experience and set you up for disappointment. Revealing her heart, she expresses the hope that women will never lose sight of the things that are most important.
Elizabeth also gives you a glimpse into what labor is like for the baby. She explores some of the new ideas about birth, discussing whether things like underwater birth or self-birth pose any risks for the baby. With intimate knowledge, she helps clarify some of the most sensitive topics circling through the world of childbirth today. Elizabeth also offers valuable insights on the differences between all of the different doctors and midwives offering care to pregnant women.
Elizabeth Allen brings a well-travelled, common sense perspective to her book. Having experienced birth in some of the most unique corners of the globe, she understands the challenges of birth in a way that few Americans can. From the deserts of the Middle East, to the highlands of Eastern Africa, Elizabeth has cared for women surrounded by modern technology and deep poverty. She's delivered babies for the Bedouin and taught midwifery students in Southeast Asia. Her global travels have not only enriched her life, but have taught her to appreciate the gifts available to those of us in North America.
Whatever your hopes or dreams, Laboring Well will help you prepare for one of the most exciting journeys of your life. As you explore the joys, challenges and controversies surrounding birth, you’ll be better prepared for making good decisions. You’ll also gain a deeper appreciation for just how much doctors, midwives and nurses care for you and your baby.
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