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A Wedding in Ruby Lake (Ruby Lake #2)

A Wedding in Ruby Lake (Ruby Lake #2) [PDF]

Humor and realism are alive in the long-awaited sequel to Ruby Lake. Author Sherrill Willis takes us deeper into the lives of the inhabitants of the small town nestled in northern Wisconsin, where long-held secrets and hidden motivations are uncovered.

A Wedding in Ruby Lake finds Sydney Myers and Zeke Greyson planning the perfect wedding, only to receive several unexpected, but not unwanted, houseguests. Illana Garet, Sydney’s city-savvy best friend, decides to come rather unexpectedly as does Zeke’s friend Tyler Shepard. They both arrive just in time to be embroiled into a new threat which proves to be far more dangerous than anyone at first had believed. The attraction between Alex, Zeke’s brother, and Illana deepens and Illana finds it hard to keep her well-maintained defenses in place. Annie “Attila the bun” Greyson is also back, but with a few surprises of her own.

From the meddling ladies at the local coffee shop, the Stay a While, to the machinations of a psychopath, A Wedding in Ruby Lake is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and a few new characters to get to know. Join the Ruby Lake gang as they find out, mostly the hard way, that sometimes walls need to be torn down in order for a better foundation to be built.
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