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Jane's War at Sea 1897-1997

Jane's War at Sea 1897-1997 [PDF]

First published in 1897, Jane's All the Worlds Fighting Ships (later shortened to Fighting Ships) established Jane's as the premier military publisher in the world. For 100 years, it has stood as the definitive guide to ship recognition and naval intelligence, and today this $300.00 publication is indispensable to more than 180,000 military and government readers. This centenary edition offers aficionados affordable access to Fighting Ships extensive archives of data and artwork. In its pages are photographs, descriptions, specifications, and schematics of the great warships that shaped history and captured people's imaginations, like the dreaded battleship Bismarck, the USS Ticonderoga, HMS Courageous, the Yamato, and the USS Enterprise. From the heyday of the ironclad to the era of the dreadnought battleships to the age of air power that made the carrier rule supreme, from the wolfpack U-boats to the ultra-stealthy nuclear boomers, this remarkable resource examines the evolution in warship design that occurred as a result of technological and tactical developments and reveals what the next generation of warships will look like.

Featuring numerous articles by a fleet of leading naval officers and historians, including Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach (ret.), Jane's Fighting Ships, Centenary Edition is the ultimate reference for all military buffs and anyone interested in naval affairs or maritime history.
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