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Into Enchanted Woods

Into Enchanted Woods [PDF]

This is written in verse, a little different than most childrens books of its kind and starts with a brother and sister picking berries in the woods. The kids can't seem to find their way out of the woods when they come across an elf who tells them to come along with him. On their journey with the elf they see some new things and meet some new friends and find some new places.
Both Julia and I liked the ending the best, with the rabbit. I don't want to spoil it even though it's a childrens book, so I won't go any further but it is a cute ending to the story.
What I liked the best though is that the realEnchanted Woods is right here in Delaware at the Winterthur Garden in Wilmington. There is there Tulip Tree and the Faerie Cottage also. The Enchanted Woods are smack in the middle of 60 acres of garden.
It's not too often I find something written about this state or something in it so this excited me to no end and I plan on taking Julia before the end of the summer.
There is a website, if anyone is interested in seeing the pictures,

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