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The Tranquility Wars

The Tranquility Wars [PDF]

A young student, a dangerous love affair, and an explosive conflict to establish control over humanity...

For young Hunter Blake, the future is bright.

He has been awarded the exclusive Covington Fellowship, which brings fame, a generous stipend, and two years of privileged study on Mars. He has also been reunited with his lifelong love, Tehani Wilawa.

But as tensions mount between rival government factions, bands of renegade space pirates begin raiding, looting, kidnapping, and building their ranks from the disaffected of both space powers.

When Hunter and Tehani are kidnapped by a pirate band, they find themselves questioning “truths” they’ve accepted all their lives. Are the space pirates really the avatars of a new freedom — or simply criminals?

To answer, they must learn the razor-thin difference between freedom and anarchy, obedience and slavery, pleasure and indulgence. And for Hunter Blake, his greatest crisis is no longer a matter of success or failure, but of life or death.
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