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The Anderson Tapes

The Anderson Tapes [PDF]

Lawrence Sanders (1920-1998) began his hugely successful writing career in 1969 with this groundbreaking book, which won the Edgar Award for best first novel. Yes, it may seem a little dated now and parts of it read a little like an episode of a 1970's TV crime show, but it is still a fantastic first novel by any standards.

Sanders takes the approach of an author investigating a crime committed in New York on the night of the 31st August/ morning of 1 September 1968 and all the writing is assembled from eyewitness reports, records of court proceedings, penal institutions and investigative agencies, tape recordings from surveillance devices (which, rather unbelievably are simply everywhere, but we will give the author artistic licence!), personal correspondence, newspaper reports, official reports and the authors own experiences.

This is an old fashioned heist, in which John "Duke" Anderson assembles a team, and mafia funding, to help him plan an audacious robbery. He plans to rob not one apartment in an upscale block, but all of them. However, it is never possible to plan for every eventuality and things do not go as expected... This is an exciting and well written mystery with great characters. It is also the novel which introduces Sanders most famous character - Captain Edward X Delaney. Although he only enters the storyline near the end, he is the main character in the next novel The First Deadly Sin (The Edward X. Delaney Series). I am delighted to see these books re-released on kindle for a new audience.
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