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Triage X, Vol. 4

Triage X, Vol. 4 [PDF]


Mikoto is crippled during an operation, but is saved at the last moment by the sudden appearance of the masked vigilante-"Fever." But rescue isn't on this black-clad beauty's mind; she's looking for revenge. Not every crime fighter shares Black Label's scruples, but more than her ruthless methods, it is Fever's true identity that proves the bigger shock to Mikoto...

My Thoughts:

This volume brings us the conclusion of the "Fever" and Kabuto Gang storyline. We finally find out what's been going on behind the scenes, but I still think there's more to it. The guy that was giving Fever her missions gets exposed as well. Granted, he kind of exposes himself, but I don't think he expected to die there. Well, at least, he may actually be dead. I wonder about that. Fever's body wasn't found, either. Anyway, what I most want to know is how that guy knew about Black Label and just how much did he know. How is Inunaki mixed up in this? He used to be in Black Label and some of the members don't trust him much, but he gives Dr. Mochizuki information from time to time.

At least Mikoto gets some closure here with regards to her brother and her family with the last head of the Kabuto Gang dying. She nearly gets herself killed by going it alone. If Fever hadn't shown up when she did, Mikoto would be dead. However, she ultimately survives because Arashi and the others show up as well. How that girl ever thought she would end things all by herself is beyond me. It really gets to her when Chikage tells her that they're the same. For a while there, Mikoto was acting like a spoiled brat. She gets her act together, though. Hopefully she'll behave going forward.

It looks like the next story will be about Oriha based on the extra case at the end of the book. I'm looking forward to it.
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