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Against the backdrop of Biblical Times Jerusalem, Death by Destiny Saving the Dead Sea Scrolls tells the story of a Bedouin boy, outcast by his peers, determined to change his life in the Second Temple at Jerusalem. Little did he know that while he sought to become a Scribe in the Temple courts, he had already been chosen for a secret destiny that would not be played out for decades to come. AD 69. Jesus had been crucified long ago, and the Roman Centurions were marching on Judea to obliterate Jerusalem and her people and destroy all evidence of their beliefs. The gold of their holy objects in the Temple lured the Roman elite, but it was the most sacred scrolls stored there that must be protected at all costs. For this, Hilal had been chosen and trained without his knowledge. Now he must make the choice to follow his heart back to his tribe, where he would assume the leadership and bring his family into honor, or follow his destiny into danger.
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