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There are a lot of large birds that inhabit our world today—the albatross, the condor, the emperor penguin. But none of these compare to the terror bird: a bird of prey that roamed ancient South America over fifteen million years ago. The terror bird could stand as tall as a basket ball hoop, with strong beaks designed to hunt. For sixty million years, the terror bird thrived. Almost every other animal could be considered its prey.

How did this prehistoric creature live and hunt? How did it eventually become extinct? Sarah Thompson presents this scientific information with the emerging reader in mind—the text is simple, concise, and clear, yet full of useful and thought-provoking facts and ideas. Andrew Plant’s illustrations, labeled throughout, provide readers with an accurate visual of the creatures presented. Lovers of nature and paleontology will find much to enjoy in this introduction to the biggest meat-eating bird that ever lived.

Back matter includes facts about other flightless birds—both alive and extinct—as well as additional resources for further discovery.
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