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The Goon, Volume 4

The Goon, Volume 4 [PDF]

“The Goon” trundles along nicely in this fourth volume from Eric Powell. Goon decides to start up an old-timey football team to uplift the people of Lonely Street, there’s a Christmas Carol parody, and Dr Alloy contracts a lethal disease with only Goon and Franky able to help him. And of course the book ends with a big robot battle, a jailbreak, and the introduction of a group of murderous children.

This book sees Powell’s artwork progress from inks to paints and the look of Goon change radically to it’s own form, unique and lovely to look at. The character’s voices are down perfectly too with Powell confidently introducing a slew of new characters in this book to grow this strange world even further.

I loved reading it as I’ve enjoyed all of the Goon series. Powell throws in so many genres into the books and so many varied drawing styles that the books are never boring. There’s a sense of nostalgia in the first strip, then a Victorian-esque comic, then we’re into pulp Sci-Fi territory, then prison break out, then slapstick comedy – all seamlessly running into each other. There isn’t another comic book writer out there doing this nor anyone who has the wit and artistry to pull it off so tastefully.

“Virtue and the Grim Consequences Thereof” (what a great title) – a great, fun comic book for a series any comics fan will love to read.

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