Cry to Heaven / Feast of All Saints ePub, PDF Available

Cry to Heaven / Feast of All Saints

Cry to Heaven / Feast of All Saints [PDF]

Thank you! Yes, this book is very different, but that's why I loved it. So tragic and so beautiful at exactly the same time. Anne's first three books were life-changing and now I want every book to feel that way. Sadly, that's not realistic. When you said she has a soul, you sounded exactly like me. I've said that about other writers. I suspected that you feel very deeply and that you could tollerate the "issues" in my book, to get to the real story. But leave yourself some wiggle room to back out if you need to. When you start reading, you never know how it will strike you.

A link is at the bottom of this email.

It's called Sonny Preyer, an M/M fantasy novel about a young man who is the embodiment of world peace, but at a dark cost. I don't promote it as romance since it has a tragic aspect and is heavy on plot.

If you're still interested, I will provide you with a free review kindle copy and ask that the review be placed on Amazon in particular. You could place it anywhere else, of course. People write me wonderful private letters, but they don't leave reviews in public. Thanks for attaching a message to your friend request! You don't have to read this book to be my friend. Enjoy!

Thanks for considering,


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