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I'm going to say one embarrassing thing here. You decide which of these things is that thing. Comic books ruled my life from age 8 until 14. Magic: the Gathering took over that role from 14-17. Comic books have once again become a prominent part of my life, and thankfully Magic has not.

In all my years reading and collecting comics, I've never been a big fan of Spider-Man.

Scratch that. I was at one time a very big fan of Spider-Man. During the McFarlane years.

I just realized I associate comic book time the same way most old folks associate real-time. Like the Reagan years of the Truman years. Only I'll talk about the stint of a specific artist or writer. "Ah, boy, those were the good old days, we had McFarlane and Michelinie in there doing a bang-up job." And they were. McFarlane was a damn good man to put on the spider-books. Stylistically it was the perfect fit. I read Spider-Man all through his run and into the 'Maximum Carnage' and 'Separation Anxiety' storylines. And even though every crossover that came after McFarlane left the spider-books, I read them. Until they regained their hokiness and became intolerable.

Damn this team for drawing on my nostalgia and bringing back the symbiotes and Eddie Brock. But damn them for doing a terrific job and making it something I want to read instead of feeling like I just have to read it to be up to par.

Grade: B
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