Max and the Gang of Five ePub, PDF Available

Max and the Gang of Five

Max and the Gang of Five [PDF]

An adventure story with a difference!

Funny and fast moving, Max and the Gang of Five is an exciting adventure over back fences - through grass, rivers, and into tunnels and dark caves. It will entertain readers of all ages about friendship and teamwork, and instruct how to clean burrs from the fur. Max and the Gang of Five has been loved by adults and children for years - you (and cat lovers) are going to love this new eBook edition...

Monifieth Maximilian is a pedigree Burmese cat, who lives with his people (his Giants), the Marshalls. Life with the Marshalls is good, until one day Max jumps the back fence, and life is never the same.

On this day like no other, Max meets Blotch, a lonely stray. He is introduced to Blotch's friend Gingernut, a tabby with a past, Ticklewhiskers, a feisty pedigreed Himalayan, and Midnight, a slightly weird black cat. Each cat has a story to tell, and each is an avowed enemy of... Rats!

So, when the evil head rat, Ragglewort, threatens to take over Our Town with his army of ferocious henchmen, the cats create the Gang of Five, dedicated to defending their Giant owners, and ridding the place of the rat menace.

Can Max and the Gang of Five save Our Town from the rats of doom?

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