The Prelude to Eternity (Lacuna, #5) ePub, PDF Available

The Prelude to Eternity (Lacuna, #5)

The Prelude to Eternity (Lacuna, #5) [PDF]

Humanity has rebuilt on Velsharn, forging the colony of Eden from the ashes of Earth. On Velsharn's verdant soil children are born, alliances are made and for a time, peace reigns. In high orbit, the debris of an entire Toralii fleet stands as mute testament to humanity's sovereignty; their right to this planet is unquestioned.

Above the TFR Beijing, now the centrepiece in a flourishing city, the inky void of space is eerily silent. As Commander Melissa Liao recovers from her ordeals, the universe continues its roiling machinations unhindered by her suffering.

The end is coming, but before the final chapter in the Lacuna series begins, the stage must be set and the players must be in their places. So much work is left unfinished and Melissa Liao has more trials to endure before her pain is over.

Before the end of war and steel, Eternity awaits.

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