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Caskets and Corruption

Caskets and Corruption [PDF]

Philip Van Dyke has been a funeral director for two years, ever since a tragic accident that left severe scars on his upper torso.He has locked away his emotions because he knows that if any woman saw his deformity she would be repulsed.

Lizzie Cantrell hates her job and wants to make a change. A talented portrait artist, she is often hired to paint portraits of the newly deceased for bereaved families.Dealing with emotional families frustrates her because she feels as if she is unable to give them the comfort they so desperately crave.

Philip and Lizzie, and a funny little stowaway dog, are on the lam after unwittingly witnessing a crime. With little money, they are forced, at times, to steal in order to survive. On the run from the police, as well as the drug cartel, with a finicky dog to care for, Philip is determined to protect the evidence and somehow make it across the country.Lizzie is equally determined to tear down Philip’s carefully constructed walls because she is convinced he is a man worth her effort.

This was a fun, fast read for me with the little bald canine often stealing the show.Lizzie and Philip are both likeable in different ways, and it was satisfying watching them both grow during the course of their many misadventures. There were enough twists and conflict to keep me fully engaged and wondering what would happen next. I found it to be an enjoyable, often humorous, romantic suspense tale.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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