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The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera [PDF]

I'll begin with the characters.
Christine was so NAIVE! She lets the Phantom lead her-alone- to his underground lair. This wasn't so bad, but then she sleeps in HIS bed!? Not to mention, she already has a boyfriend, Raoul. She sings with the Phantom, words which I will not write(The Point of No Return) though I love the music, breaking Raoul's heart. She misleads both of them, weaving in and out of their hearts. She sings with Raoul and tells him she loves him, breaking the PHANTOM'S heart.

Raoul was a little too weak and helpless for my liking. Well, dude, that guy slept with your girlfriend and totally likes her! Go confront him! He doesn't do anything about it but cry. CRY! Are you kidding me? I have to give him props on All I Ask of You, though. It was beautiful, although not to the Phantom so much.

The Phantom was my favorite character. I have almost no flaws with him. He was abused and disfigured. He had to spend his life in a theater allalone, with no one to love, watching the beautiful Christine dancing and singing her way into Raoul's heart. He loves her and she abandons him. He shows her his music and she forgets it. The Music of the Night is one of my all time favorites, by the way. I don't totally blame Christine though, he's completely seductive. I still don't understand why he doesn't pull that rope tighter (he's obviously not dead yet; he's still singing! Just pull a little tighter and she's yours.) Christine totally should have picked the Phantom, I mean with the mask, he's totally gorgeous! (Of course, I am referring to the movie, with Gerard Butler)But honestly, I understand why the Phantom takes control of the theater, without him, it would be a failure (he has studied music his entire life) and why he is violent. I mean, he's been through child abuse and if he shows his face he'd be a dead man. I also add that he is a bit of a mad man ( my one flaw )

I make this sound like a terrible story. It's actually beautiful. The music was lovely. I just have some issues with some characters(Picky me). Other than that, It was amazing. The Phantom is on my top ten sexiest male leads (personality and all) list:)
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