Come-Ons, Comebacks, and Kiss-Offs ePub, PDF Available

Come-Ons, Comebacks, and Kiss-Offs

Come-Ons, Comebacks, and Kiss-Offs [PDF]

A hilarious, indispensable guide for handling every possible dating predicament with finesse and flairWhoever said "First comes love, then comes marriage" was forgetting a slice of living hell we call dating. Happily, modern women can now rely on Jeanne Martinet, the mingling maven who's already helped transform hordes of ungainly souls into social swans. She delivers hilarious anecdotes, dead-on insights, and men-tested, ready-to-use lines for every dating situation, no matter how awkward, exciting, unusual, or just plain mortifying. Topics include: perfecting the pick-up
— deflecting unwanted advances
— executing the mid-date escape
— rejecting him nicely
— rejecting him NOT nicely
— handling the psycho date
— and much more.

As useful as your own personal dating guru, this is the must have guide for surviving clumsy first phone calls, stiff dinner talk, rejected passes, nervous leave-takings, and guys who can't stop talking about their guns.

"Martinet has developed techniques for working any event with ease". — The Chicago Tribune

"Jeanne Martinet, the acid-tounged queen of the New York party scene, has come to the rescue of wallflowers everywhere". — London Daily Mirror
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