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International Billionaire Lovers

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International Billionaire Lovers—3 Books in 1

The PA's Revenge
New Zealand property magnate DALLAS MACKENZIE, is interested in working hard and avoiding emotional attachment at any cost, even an empty life. But empty lives can be filled—at least for a short while—and his new PA, Cassandra, might be just what he needs. Except Cassandra has her own plans...

Lucy and the Sheikh
RAZEEN IBN SHAD, King of Sitra, is determined to do his duty as King, even if it means an arranged marriage. But he has two weeks before he has to choose a wife. Two weeks in which to have an affair with Lucy. What could go wrong?

Italian billionaire playboy ALESSANDRO CAVOUR, Conte di Montecorvio Rovella, lives only for the pleasures of the present. But when he has to work with archaeologist, Emily, he's forced to face up to his painful past.
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