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The disingenuously titled "Heroin" is the latest book project from the reclusive artist and filmmaker Larry Clark, acclaimed director of the controversial feature film Kids and the well-received Another Day in Paradise, as well as the author of the iconographic masterpieces Tulsa and Teenage Lust.Strictly limited to a small printing, "Heroin" contains numerous self-portraits, photo album snapshots, doodlings, drawings, cultural effluvia, and for the first time ever, a text piece by the artist himself.

Clark has influenced legions of photographers, artists, filmmakers, videographers, writers, and poets over the course of his three-decade career; there is perhaps no other artist alive who so fully inhabits and lives his art — the startlingly familiar yet complex refraction of our adult desires and projections through the faces, voices, and behavior of American youth — and who so carefully constructs, composes, and annotates it in a classically obsessive manner.

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