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Anne Boleyn [PDF]

Beware this book is phone book sized—simply mammoth. Though I appreciate his thoroughness on the subject, there are times I disagreed completely with his ideas on Henry VIII's or Anne Boleyn's motives.

The author tends to get bogged down on too many details in certain areas and not enough in others. His language is confusing at times and it almost feels the author is trying to impress his readers with his extensive vocabulary. In terms of using this book for research as an author, I found other resources much easier to understand. I had to use a dictionary and thesaurus to decipher some of what he was trying to convey, and that's ridiculous on seeing how I have been studying this period off on and for years. I have read dozens of books on Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII and I find his book one of the more laborious to get through.

That being said, I do love one portion in particular I was not able to find in as much detail in other books. On page 117 there is a choice retelling of Anne's return to court in1528 and her exuberant reuniting with Henry. It made my heart sore to hear how elated they were to see each other once again.

All in all, a good resource to have, but not something I want to read often because of complicated way the author presents the material.

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