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Am I Not a Man?

Am I Not a Man? [PDF]

History has the tendency to "conveniently" leave out those facts that might be considered a little controversial.We're not always told the full story, and there are times when we don't know what that full story might be."Am I Not a Man? The Dred Scott Story" seeks to tell the story of a man who was born a slave, and throughout an entire lifetime of fighting for his right to be treated as a human, never gave up his dream of freedom.The United States Supreme Court declared him to be not just a slave, but a being who was of so little consequence, no white man was obligated to respect him.With that ruling came one of the most embarrassing, shameful moments in our nation's history - the dehumanizing of an entire race.

Shurtleff's writing places us square in the heart of the story.We can imagine ourselves walking the streets of St. Louis and sitting in the courtroom, hearing the case being argued.The historical accuracy of this book is astonishing, every aspect carefully researched and relayed with masterful skill.

This book is more than just a history lesson, more than just an insightful read or an education way to spend your afternoons.This book will touch your soul and awaken you to a deeper gratitude of the freedoms we enjoy today, freedoms that weren't always available to us and in the past weren't ever available to the slaves.We can thank Dred Scott for his courage and determination, for without Dred Scott, our nation would be an entirely different place today.
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