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The Pattern of God's Truth

The Pattern of God's Truth [PDF]

This is a classic work on Christian education by one of its foremost proponents from the 20th century, Frank Gaebelein (also co-editor of Christianity Today with Carl F. H. Henry, as well as style editor for the New International Version of the Bible).It is in this book (actually in the lectures from which this book was adapted) that the phrase "All truth is God's truth" was so aptly coined .And in this book consists some foundational understanding of a Biblical philosophy of Christian education.

It would be nice to have a revised and updated edition (maybe by a student of Gaebelein), but even as it stands it's still a great text.The order of the book is great!It has four manageable chapters, each filled with much to think about.

1. Integration and the Truth
2. The Teacher and the Truth
3. The Subject and the Truth
4. The Truth Beyond the Classroom

It's unfortunate that for some reason in this book Dr. Gaebelein tries to explain carbon dating and its precise capabilities without taking into account the assumptions involved in using it [see -].Of course he may not have had this information; and in the context of his book, it seems he didn't.But from this position he then tries to explain that this proves that the age of the earth (and the age of human beings) are much older than what we've thought so far as Christians.

Aside from this random dabble in evolutionistic thinking, the book is still a tremendous value to the work of Christian education, and should still be read by Christian educators today.*

*Although, again, it'd be nice for it to be revised and updated (and without, or at least with a correction to, the one evolutionistic mindset subsection).
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