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What if Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein was based on a real event, and the results of that event—the monster—was still around? What if he was living a nomadic and isolated existence somewhere and one day just decided it was time to rejoin modern society? How would that play out?
Read this book, and you’ll know.

Though Mary’s Monster is William Latham’s first novel, it may be one of his best. There is no indication of a novice writer here. From page one it grabs you and won’t let go until the last page is turned. Great pacing, wonderful characters, and an awesome premise. I read it in five days, which is really fast for me since my dedicated reading time is scarce. I looked forward to picking it up every time I was able. I found it thoroughly engrossing.

The only things I could find to criticize would be nits really, and mostly along philosophical lines. (For instance, why would an obviously created being, the monster, be such a proponent of evolution that he’d have to articulate twice that “humans find it hard to believe they evolved”? I mean, much of the book talks about how miraculous the body is…so..?)

Overall, though, this is a great book. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it for anyone. Well done, Mr. Latham.
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