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Cactus's Secret, Vol. 02

Cactus's Secret, Vol. 02 [PDF]

Oh man rating this volume was so hard. It wasn't actively bad! I can't point to something in it and be like this is gross because of social justice reasons or this was super boring or these characters were really terrible. It just wasn't actively good either. I love shoujo manga because it usually manages to give me strong feelings whether they're of delight or hatred. Sometimes both in the same volume! This didn't manage much either way.

Ugh, let me try talking about the plot, maybe more definite thoughts will come to me. So this is the volume where obstacles came in by way of secondary love interests. I'm not terribly enamoured of Miku's, trying to frame someone to get them expelled is a bit far to go for a crush. 0_o Shooting rubber arrows to issue ridiculous challenges, okay! Planting exam cheat sheets before an inspection, not okay! He doesn't even have hilarious dumb-things-you-do-when-crushing antics to recommend him. Voting down on Natsukawa.

I'm more open to Kyohei's secondary; Saki seems okay so far. She only showed up in the last chapter this volume so it's too early to tell. I'm positively inclined to people who invite their groups out for dinner to make friends though! Be dope next volume Saki, I'm rooting for you.

Looking at the primary relationship: I wasn't really moved by any of the Miku/Kyohei stuff this volume. I get that Haruta was trying to drop hints that Kyohei might be developing some feelings but ehh. Grumpy entitled shipper here. Fall for her Kyohei! I'm always more invested in characters who are explicitly in love!

Okay I think I've decided: 2.5 stars it is. Not because it's terrible! I'm still continuing the series! There's just nothing to particularly recommend this volume either.
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