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The Birth Of The Modern Mind

The Birth Of The Modern Mind [PDF]

Course Lecture Titles
IntroductionIntellectual History and Conceptual Change
The Dawn of the 17th CenturyAristotelian Scholasticism
The New Vision of Francis Bacon
The New Astronomy and Cosmology
Descartes's Dream of Perfect Knowledge
The Specter of Thomas Hobbes
Skepticism and JansenismBlaise Pascal
Newton's Discovery
The Newtonian Revolution
John LockeThe Revolution in Knowledge
The Lockean Moment
Skepticism and CalvinismPierre Bayle
The ModernsThe Generation of 1680-1715
Introduction to Deism
The Conflict Between Deism and Christianity
Montesquieu and the Problem of Relativism
VoltaireBringing England To France
Bishop Joseph Butler and God's Providence
The Skeptical Challenge to OptimismDavid Hume
The Assault upon Philosophical OptimismVoltaire
The PhilosophesThe Triumph of the French Enlightenment
Beccaria and Enlightened Reform
Rousseau's Dissent
Materialism & NaturalismThe Boundaries of the Enlightenment
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