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Your Days Are Numbered

Your Days Are Numbered [PDF]

DETECTIVES. THIEVES. TIME-TRAVELLERS. (REASONABLE RATES.) 'Somewhere in this city, there's a hole in history, in reality itself, and it's getting bigger. I'm the only detective in town who keeps an eye on what crawls through. Things that aren't real. Things like whatever sneaked up on you and claimed you for its own.' Kilbey Salmon has charm, a quick gob and an instinct for self-preservation. Nero Dusk has a lot of patience, a grumpy demeanour and a way with his fists. Theo Cartwright is an Australian journalist who often wonders why she spends time with either of them. In their time-travelling London cab, they scrape together a living finding things that never existed and solving crimes that never happened for people desperate enough to seek their help. Mostly, they get themselves in trouble. And when there's trouble for Salmon & Dusk, it's the strangest sort of trouble London has ever seen... For a start, there's the artist whose paintings are taking on a life of their own, there's the client wanting to solve his own murder, there's the ex-convict and his misplaced loot, and there's a sociopathic vegan hunting a stopwatch that can wind back history itself. BASED ON THE POPULAR PODCAST SERIES THE TERRIBLE BUSINESS OF SALMON & DUSK, THESE TALES ARE A GIDDY FUSION OF RAYMOND CHANDLER, DOUGLAS ADAMS AND ROCK 'N ROLL. 'It's moody London at its best, it's high concept Sci-Fi, and it's thought-provoking human literature' - review.
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