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Book one: Southern Charm
Shelby Beasley epitomizes the term “Southern Belle.” Raised in a wealthy family in Shelbyville, Georgia, the Beasley’s are dripping in money, prestige, and tradition. Shelby’s father, Jackson, comes from a long line of responsibilities and expectations while Shelby’s sister, Savannah, and brother, Grayson, look exactly how wealthy heirs should look. Shelby is the ugly duckling of the family; smart as a whip and sweet as pie, but never enough to make her parents proud. Thankfully, she could always count on her best friend, Lance Chandler to be there for her. Lance’s twin, Logan, had always been the man she wanted for more than a friend.
Logan was a poor nobody from the other side of the tracks. Logan and Lance’s father left when their mother was pregnant with them. She was a teacher at one of the most prestigious schools in the south, so the Chandler boys had attended for free. Logan made some bad decisions and went to prison at a young age. Though he served his time and matured, he would always be just another ex-con in Shelbyville. Because of that, Logan trusts no one except his brother. He especially detests rich people and classism.
On the verge of opening a motorcycle repair shop with his brother and getting full custody of his daughter, Logan’s life is content. As long as those rich snobs, the Beasley’s, stay out of his way, things will be perfect.
To make her mother happy, Shelby and Lance plan to make everyone think they are dating for her sister’s wedding. When their plans go awry, they need Logan’s help. Logan discovers there is one Beasley he wouldn’t mind getting to know a lot better. But will Shelby feel the same way?
Book two: Loving Logan
Shelby Beasley and Logan Chandler have known each other for more than twenty years. After years of misunderstandings, Shelby and Logan have discovered they have a hot, heavy and explosive attraction to each other. But there’s a problem. Shelby is the oldest daughter of one of the richest families in Georgia and Logan is a poor ex-con from the other side of the tracks. Shelby has never known a life of need, but never acclimated to being elite. She’s just an educated woman who wants it all, what woman doesn’t, right? Logan has been looked down on by the wealthy people of Shelbyville, Georgia simply because of his so-called social status. His disdain for the wealthy isn’t a surprise. Can Logan and Shelby find lasting love together, or will Logan’s demons push Shelby away from him?
Book three: Shelby's Awakening
Shelby Beasley has lost a child with the only man she ever loved and narrowly escaped with her life. Shelby decides to make some changes after the car accident. One of them is her relationship with Logan. Can this Southern Belle recover from pain and family secrets enough to give her passion with Logan Chandler a chance?
Logan pushed Shelby away from him, but finally realized that no matter where they came from, they were meant to be together. But is it too late? After the tragedy of an accident almost takes Shelby’s life, can she ever forgive Logan for all the mistakes he has made? Can these two hot and fiery southerners come to and understanding and find love. Or will the Beasley Family Legacy continue to keep them apart?
Book four: Loves Legacy
Shelby Beasley has been through a lot lately. She has discovered a lot about her family that…let’s just say what is done in the dark, will come to light. Logan Chandler was once the wrong guy from the wrong side of the tracks. But now, with Shelby’s love and his own smarts and tenacity, he is a successful businessman and loving boyfriend. Thing are changing so fast.
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