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Our Living Multiverse [PDF]

"Original, delightful, and full of ideas."—Robert Kirshner, Harvard University, author of "The Extravagant Universe" One of the hottest areas in science today is what we are learning at the place where physics meets biology. Among many revelations from this exciting cutting edge of research, Fred Adams relates an idea that would be a radical change in the way we think of the genesis of life. Specifically, life didn't start as pond scum in some primordial oozing lake, but rather in a deep biosphere underground, protected from the continuous bombardment of the Earth's surface that astrophysicists are now certain must have been occurring when life emerged. The genesis of life was IN our planet, not on it! What are the fundamental laws of physics? What was the big bang? How did galaxies form? How did stars form? How did planets form? How did life evolve? Once there was gravity, was life inevitable? Are we alone in the multiverse? A theory of everything is not just about the universe anymore, now it is about the living multiverse.
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