Dogs [PDF]

Dogs and mankind have had a special relationship with each other for thousands of years.

It was during the Bronze Age, around 4,500 years ago that men started farming, giving up there hunting way of life. They soon realized that they could breed different types of dog to perform different tasks to help out on the farms.

Over time dogs became faithful companions as well as being used for work. By the 19th century dogs had become popular and fashionable pets and the breeds of dog we know today began to appear.

Fascinating Facts For Kids brings you lots of facts about dogs; their anatomy, the different breeds, how they communicate and lots more.

Scott Stevens' book brings introduces you to the life of dogs through a comprehensive list of facts.

At times, reading a long book may be overwhelming for a child, but Stevens trims his down into 78 easy to comprehend facts for a child to read.

We hope that the facts about dogs in this book will fascinate you and motivate you to learn even more about these wonderful animals.


*Evolution and history
- skeleton
- muscles
- teeth
- paws and claws
- skin and coat
- taste
- smell
- hearing
- sight
*Birth and Puppies
*Body Language & Communication
- scent
- noise
- body language
- sporting dogs
- hounds
- herding dogs
- terriers
- toy dogs
- non-sporting
- working dogs
*Assorted Dog Facts
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