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Le Visage De La Peur

Le Visage De La Peur [PDF]

The woman has green eyes, clear and beautiful green eyes, but there is terror in them now, and she stares up at the blade, the shining blade, and she sucks in her breath to scream, and the blade starts its downward arc...

For a moment, seeing the green-eyed woman behind his eyes, Graham had not been aware of the world around him: the television audience, the studio, the cameras.

Graham Harris is a gifted clairvoyant, and during a late-night television interview, he "sees" a murder being committed. He knows that the killer is the man the police have named the Butcher - the brutal slayer of nine young women.

Learning of the psychic identification, the Butcher begins to stalk this "witness" to his crime, and traps Harris and his girlfriend at night in a vast forty-two-storey business building, hunting them relentlessly from floor to floor...
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